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When connecting to a remote PC, I encountered such a problem as sticking the Shift key in AnyDesk. When I move the cursor around the screen, program shortcuts, files in folders are highlighted. It is inconvenient to work, how do I unstick it?
Sticky keys can occur due to operating system settings or glitches in the AnyDesk program. There are several ways to disable sticking.

First, try unpinning sticky in your computer settings. On devices with Windows and Linux operating systems, you need to press the Shift key 5 times in a row to do this. On macOS devices, press Option + Cmd + F5 (you can press Touch ID 3 times on a Magic Keyboard).

Some users complain that AnyDesk sticky keys won’t stop even though it’s disabled in PC settings. This is a program defect that AnyDesk developers have not yet eliminated. Usually sticking stops after the user minimizes and maximizes the connection window or opens the on-screen keyboard and presses any number of keys on it.

In a small number of cases, sticking is due to broken keys. If none of the described methods helped, try connecting a different keyboard to your computer.

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