What is TeamViewer and who needs this program

TeamViewer has long been known among a wide range of users. The program is available on almost every platform. It can be used both in corporate networks and for personal purposes. Why is this program so great, and how to use it?

About the software

TeamViewer is needed to get remote access to another computer or mobile device. It is suitable for both commercial and personal use. The software first appeared in 2005, and soon became the app number 1 in setting up remote access, due to improved interaction, stability and expanded functionality.

How the program works

To set up remote control of a computer, it is enough to fulfill two conditions:

  • Both devices have TeamViewer installed.
  • Both devices have Internet access.

Typically, you connect to another computer within 3-10 seconds. If the Internet connection on one of the devices leaves much to be desired, the waiting time may increase to 15-20 seconds. In this case, it is recommended not to connect: when controlling another PC, there will be strong delays that will lead to erroneous actions.

What is TeamViewer and who needs this program

Functions and features of TeamViewer

The functionality of TeamViewer is not limited to controlling another computer remotely. With each new version, the scope of the program expands. The latest TeamViewer update has the following features:

  • Remote control of other computers, smartphones.
  • Providing unattended access to a device.
  • Link multiple devices to a shared account for faster access.
  • Transfer files between devices.
  • Conducting joint multimedia presentations.
  • Manage multiple devices.

Different versions of TeamViewer may be more suitable for different occasions. For example, TV Host is the best choice for managing multiple computers within a corporate network, while TV QuickJoin is designed to quickly join online meetings.

Program versions

TeamViewer develops and maintains several versions of the program. They differ in functionality and devices on which they can be used. Remote control software available for all popular platforms:

  • Windows (including Windows Server and Windows Phone/Mobile).
  • MacOS.
  • Linux (.deb, .rmp and .tar packages).
  • Android (4.3 or higher).
  • iOS (10 or higher).
  • ChromeOS.
  • BlackBerryOS.

Depending on the available functionality, separate types of software are developed. Currently 5 versions are supported:

  • TeamViewer (full version). The main program for working with remote access.
  • TV QuickSupport. For receiving technical support in a moment’s notice. Does not require installation and administrator rights.
  • TV Host. Provides unattended access to multiple devices within corporate networks.
  • TV QuickJoin. Conducting joint meetings, multimedia presentations with the possibility of joint management.
  • TV Portable. Portable version that does not require installation.

What is TeamViewer and who needs this program

How to download TeamViewer

You can download the most popular versions of the program for free on our website. On the page, you can select the platform and the specific version. Applications for mobile platforms can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and App Store.

How to use

To connect to a partner remotely, you need to run the program on both devices, and then follow a few simple steps:

  • Ask your partner to tell you their ID and password.
  • Enter that ID into the “Partner ID” field on your computer.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • Enter the password.

Due to the fact that TeamViewer is easy to use, it has successfully replaced the standard remote access tools for most. For non-commercial use, the program is distributed free of charge, but corporate persons need to purchase a special license.

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