Why TeamViewer is not working and how to fix the issue

TeamViewer is a program for remote access to another device for work or file sharing. TeamViewer is widely popular around the world, not only among system administrators who need to remotely manage computers, but also among ordinary users who want to have access to their home device during the day. The software is cross-platform, you can download the application for PC or mobile devices.

Program crash

When starting TeamViewer and trying to connect to another computer, the user may find that the connection is not established and see a notification – “Not ready. Check your connection.” This can happen for several reasons, including incorrect user actions or failures on the developer’s side.

Why TeamViewer is not working and how to fix the issue

Possible reasons

The reasons why the device does not connect to a remote computer are as follows:

  • the operation of the anti-virus program;
  • firewall blocking;
  • the utility does not function properly;
  • incorrect launch;
  • failures on the developer’s side.

Except for the last case, all of these problems can be fixed on your own.

How to fix the problem

To get TeamViewer working, you need to know how to fix possible problems.


The first possible reason why a user cannot remotely connect to a partner is that the process is blocked by an antivirus program.

Many modern antiviruses not only monitor malicious objects on the computer itself, but also check all Internet connections made.

To fix the problem, you need to add TeamViewer to the exclusion list in the antivirus software settings (the list of files, processes and utilities that do not need to be checked for viruses or suspicious activities). After that, you need to try to establish the connection again.


Windows Firewall is part of the operating system’s Security Center. Its task is to control the connections to the Network made by the software installed on the PC. It can block TeamViewer from accessing the Internet, thereby preventing him from connecting to a remote device.

To fix the problem:

  • Go to Start – Settings,
  • Updates & Security – Windows security – Open Windows security,
  • Firewall & network protection – Allow an app through firewall.

Also, please open Port 5938 for outgoing connections.

Incorrect program operation

The next possible cause of the malfunction is the failure of the utility due to damage to any components. To fix the problem, try to exit the program:

  • On Windows: Open TeamViewer’s menu, and select Exit TeamViewer.
  • On Mac: Go to TeamViewer, and select Quit TeamViewer.

Then reboot your computer.

If that doesn’t help, you need to uninstall the old version of the program, and then download and reinstall TeamViewer.

Incorrect launch

An unlikely but possible cause of the problem is the incorrect start of TeamViewer. You need to open the context menu of the utility shortcut (right-click) and select “Run as administrator” with the left mouse button.

Server outage

If the TeamViewer developers’ servers are experiencing problems or are undergoing maintenance, the user will not be able to influence the situation in any way. All that is available to him is to open the official page of the developer and look for information about when the problems will be fixed:


Why TeamViewer is not working and how to fix the issue


In most cases, the user can fix errors when starting TeamViewer and establish a connection to a remote device on their own. Failures due to the fault of the developers are quite rare, and the creators of the program usually notify the program in advance about the upcoming maintenance.

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