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Download Anydesk for Android Anydesk for Android is designed for remote access to the PC desktop via a smartphone or tablet. It allows you to control the work of employees, open any files and start remote printing. Anydesk uses TLS 1.2 encryption technology, connections are checked through the keys of the RSA 2048 asymmetric cryptosystem. Banking operations have approximately the same level of encryption. It is also possible to create TCP and VPN tunnels. All this has a positive effect on privacy and increases the level of security.

Functionality and features

The program is cross-platform and can run on different operating systems. Here we will consider only the option of why it is worth installing Anydesk on an Android phone.

Speed ​​and performance:

  • A distinctive feature is the high speed of work – the program confidently holds 60 FPS. For example, the main competitor, namely, TeamViewer often gives out only 15-25.4 FPS.
  • Thanks to DeskRT technology, it was possible to achieve a response of 16 milliseconds when transmitting graphic information.
  • The application does an excellent job with programs that require large resources. For example, video editing or CAD. At the same time, the signal speed and its stability does not go down.
  • When transferring data, the fault-tolerant Erlang network is involved. This reduces response latency, improves uptime, and provides a high level of access.

Capabilities for administration:

  • tracking contacts and connections, user status (online/offline);
  • you can add your own avatar for each user (a photo to make it easier to identify them), change the name, add a logo;
  • remote restart of the computer;
  • administration panel for quick access to settings, licenses, logs;
  • billing in automatic mode (via REST API), data export;
  • automatic deployment of the program on several devices at once through the MSI package;
  • embedded IT solutions like Remote Desktop Manager or TANSS.

Through Anydesk you can exchange text, screenshots and other files through the clipboard. When working as a team, you can draw instructions on the built-in whiteboard or create a chat. There is a screen recording function so as not to repeat the actions for each new person.

You can perform several actions at once in real time. For example, to simultaneously conduct a presentation and edit a document (so that employees can visually see how to do some work).

System requirements

The application weighs only 15 megabytes, so it’s easy to download Anydesk on Android via mobile Internet even with an unstable 3G connection. For a basic connection, 100 Kbps will be enough. Works on Android versions 4.4 and above. Any not too old smartphone will suffice.

Download Anydesk for Android

You can download Anydesk for Android for free directly from this page. The application supports 27 languages, by the way.

Anydesk v6.6.0 .apk
Download Anydesk
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Download Anydesk
from Huawei AppGallery

Installing the program on Android

In order for two devices to communicate, both must have this program installed.

After downloading, you will be prompted to install the plugin. It is needed if you are going to control your smartphone through another device. Then, in the window that opens, enter the following data:

  • Smartphone address (if you installed the plugin before and are going to connect to the phone remotely).
  • The address of the remote computer (you must first install Anydesk on it).

Next, you will need to give all the necessary permissions. If you click on the “curtain”, the settings menu will open. After setting it up for yourself, you can start using it.

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