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AnyDesk is a modern and easy-to-use program that provides remote access to computers via the Internet. With this application, you can remotely manage any data on the device, gaining full access to photos, videos, documents and other files. Compared to other analogues, AnyDesk has a fairly simple interface, high speed and 60 FPS picture quality. To take advantage of all the features of the program, just download Anidesk and install it on your computer.

AnyDesk Features

AnyDesk is suitable for users with different levels of experience. This can be a system administrator, a company manager, an IT specialist, or an ordinary client. Through this program, each subscriber gets remote access to a computer, regardless of location. Commercial users may set up unattended access to selected devices.

Anyone can easily download AnyDesk for personal use with the full functionality of the application, namely:

·      Fast connection to one or more remote devices.

·      Reliable information transmission with 256 AES encryption and two-factor authentication.

·      Mouse and keyboard controls with remote blocking option.

·      Clear high quality picture.

·      Listening to the microphone of a remote device.

·      Setting up a secure connection and password.

·      The ability to take screenshots on one computer and save them on another.

·      Automatic login to multiple devices at once through the MSI package

According to many users, AnyDesk is the most effective and modern remote access program that includes rich functionality. The application size is only 3MB on average (size may vary depending on the device) and at the same time provides high performance with low latency. This is achieved through the DeskRT codec, which uses innovative data transfer and compression algorithms.

System requirements

Owners of devices that meet the following requirements can download and install AnyDesk:

  • Microsoft Windows (XP SP2, 7, 8, 8.1, 10).
  • Windows Server (2003 SP2, 2008 R2, 2012, 2016, 2019).
  • macOS (OS X Yosemite 10.10 and higher).
  • FreeBSD from 2.1.1.
  • Debian / Ubuntu / Mint.
  • Fedora 30 / 31 / 32.
  • CentOS 7 and 8.
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8.
  • Generic Linux.
  • Android 4.4 and above.
  • iOS 11 and above.

The device also requires at least 1 GB of system memory and a single-core processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. Recommended graphics card specifications – DirectDraw support with 32 MB video memory or more.

Download AnyDesk

You can download AnyDesk for free directly from this page. Choose one for your operating system and click Download.

For Windows

AnyDesk v7.0.13

  • run the downloaded .exe file,
  • select the installation path and method for further updates (automatically, on request, do not update),
  • click on the “Accept and Install” button.

For Mac

For 10.10 Yosemite

AnyDesk v6.0.2
For 10.11 Elcapitan

AnyDesk v6.5.1

For 10.12 Sierra and hier

AnyDesk v6.6.0

  • wait for the dmg-archive to download and automatically mount as an external drive,
  • if the file does not run automatically, open the file manager, and find the Downloads folder in it,
  • drag the program icon to the Applications folder,
  • wait for the end of the installation process,
  • open Finder, then find the programs tab and launch AnyDesk.

For Linux

ApplicationOSVersionFile SizeDownload
AnyDeskDebian / Ubuntu / Mint (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓
AnyDeskopenSUSE 15/42 (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓
AnyDeskCentOS 7 (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓
AnyDeskCentOS 8 (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓
AnyDeskRedHat Enterprise Linux 7 (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓
AnyDeskRedHat Enterprise Linux 8 (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓
AnyDeskGeneric Linux (64 Bit) MBDownload ↓

Installation On Ubuntu

  • open the terminal,
  • navigate to the Downloads folder by typing cd /home/user/Downloads, replacing the word “user” with your account name,
  • type sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb, replacing “package_name” with the exact name of the downloaded file,
  • enter your password and press Enter,
  • type sudo dpkg -f install in the terminal to install all dependencies, if any.

If you don’t want to work through the terminal, you can use the graphical Gdebi installer. For this:

  • install Gdebi if the program is not already on your computer by typing sudo apt install gdebi in the terminal,
  • enter your account password, press Enter,
  • open the Downloads folder in the file manager,
  • right click on the saved file, select “open in Gdebi”,
  • a window will open in which you need to click on “Install package”,
  • enter your password.

On Red Hat and Fedora

  • download the package from our site,
  • open a terminal,
  • navigate to the Downloads folder by typing cd /home/user/Downloads, replacing the word “user” with your account name,
  • type the command sudo rpm -ivh package_name.rpm, replacing “package_name” with the name of the downloaded file,
  • wait for the installation completion message to appear.

For Android:

Anydesk v6.6.0 .apk
Download Anydesk
from Google Play
Download Anydesk
from Huawei AppGallery

8 or higher:

  • from a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen,
  • navigate: Settings > Apps,
  • tap Menu icon (upper-right),
  • tap Special access,
  • tap Install unknown apps,
  • select AnyDesk then tap the Allow from this source switch to turn on.

7 or lower:

  • from a Home screen, navigate to Settings,
  • tap Lock screen and security,
  • if unavailable, tap Security,
  • tap the Unknown sources switch to turn on,
  • to continue, review prompt then tap OK.

Next, you need to run the downloaded APK file from the downloads folder and confirm the installation.

For iPhone


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OS Compatibility
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