How to connect via Teamviewer

Knowing how to connect through Teamviewer, you can work remotely, provide services and simply interact with files on any computer from a distance.

Instructions for connecting via Teamviewer

  • Open the Teamviewer program on your computer and on the computer you want to connect to.
  • There will be two columns – “Allow remote control” and “Control Remote Computer”. In the first column you’ll see your ID and password. Ask your partner for their ID and password in order to establish a connection.
  • Enter the partner’s ID in the second column, press “Connect”, and then enter the password. You’ll see the partner’s desktop once the connection has successfully established.

In addition to remote control and access to all files of another computer, using Teamviewer, you have the ability to establish video and audio communication with the interlocutor, as well as to correspond with him within the program.

Attention! For security purposes, TeamViewer generates new password and ID each time you connect. If you often use the program and do not want to specify access data every time, you can go to the settings section and set a fixed login and password.

This will allow you to freely control another computer at any time you need, as long as the device is connected to the Internet.

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