TeamViewer trial period has expired: how to fix

Most TeamViewer users have never experienced the “trial expired” issue. This is due to the fact that for non-commercial use the application is distributed free of charge. However, if you are a legal entity or organization, then only commercial use, for which you need to pay, is suitable in this case. TeamViewer developers give users only a week of free access, after which payment must be made.

TeamViewer free version features

Free version is only available for personal use. If such a version is found in organizations during the audit, then a serious fine can be imposed on the owners of the company, and the program developers themselves have several ways to recognize the illegal use of their product in organizations.

The functionality of this version is practically no different from the commercial version, with the exception of some points:

  • Free version of the program has some ads.
  • After each remote control session, windows pop up with offers to purchase a license.
  • Non-commercial version cannot be used on server operating systems.
  • There is no option to configure modules for clients.

If at least one of these points causes you discomfort when using the program, then you should pay attention to the paid version.

What is a trial period

In order for users to better familiarize themselves with the functionality of the commercial version, a trial period lasting a week was introduced. During it, a person can understand whether he needs this whole set of options or whether it is better to turn his attention to other programs.

After the trial period expires, a number of restrictions are imposed on the user. So, after the end of the free period, the remote connection session cannot last more than 5 minutes. Also, you cannot restore the connection immediately after the break – you have to wait another 5 minutes. There are two ways to remove these restrictions: by cunning or by purchasing a license.

TeamViewer trial period has expired: how to fix

How to fix the issue

The easiest way to remove the restrictions of TeamViewer is to buy a license for this program. However, not every user or organization has extra funds to pay. So they use alternative methods.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the program helps a lot. True, you need to do this wisely, cleaning up all the remnants of the application. If everything is done in a simple way, then after re-installing the message about the end of the trial period will not go anywhere. To properly uninstall the program, you need to perform several actions:

  • Go to Start – Settings,
  • Apps – Apps & features,
  • Select TeamViewer from the list and click Uninstall.

Next, you need to clean up the registry. For this:

  • Press Win + R and type “regedit” (without quotes).
  • Press Ctrl + F and type “TeamViewer” (without quotes) in the search bar.
  • Delete all records that contain references to the program.
  • After each deletion, press F3 to continue searching for records.
  • After deleting all entries, restart the computer.

TeamViewer trial period has expired: how to fix

The easier and faster way to uninstall TeamViewer and clean its residue from the registry is by using CCleaner (a downloadable app):

  • Install and launch CCleaner.
  • Use the Tools tab to uninstall TeamViewer.
  • Use the Registry tab to scan for issue and fix them.

Reboot the computer, then install TeamViewer anew. In most cases, this method should solve the problem. If not, try to change your MAC address. The license data is tied to a user ID that is issued by the server. In order for the message that the license has expired to disappear, you need to change the ID. This can only be done by changing the MAC address of the PC network card.

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