TeamViewer error: Reason unknown

Some users of Teamviewer have started to encounter such a problem as not being able to connect to a server or a remote PC. There can be many reasons for this malfunction, but the solution is pretty simple. Let’s look at what might cause a connection error, and how to fix it.

Error description

A similar problem can occur when you’re trying to enter a user ID. It is especially common in outdated versions of the program. The “Reason unknown” error most often occurs when it is time to update your TeamViewer.

Why does this error appear

If TeamViewer does not connect, then problems may occur for the following reasons:

  • discrepancy between program versions among connection participants;
  • TeamViewer is installed incorrectly;
  • malfunctions of the router;
  • lack of internet connection.

Technical work may be carried out on the program server, so at this time it will be impossible to connect to other computers.

TeamViewer error: Reason unknown

How to get rid of the problem

Since you can only create remote access to a PC through the TeamViewer server, it is immediately recommended to check the availability of an Internet connection. If everything is working properly, then try to reset the password and reconnect.

But first and foremost: update your TeamViewer. Go to the menu and select “Check for new version.”

TeamViewer error: Reason unknown

Also, please check if the compatibility of operating systems and software versions: Supported operating systems.

An error may also appear due to the incorrect operation of TeamViewer. In this case, you need to completely uninstall the program and reinstall it.

If any of the participants uses a different version of TeamViewer, then the connection to the partner will fail. An outdated version of the program can create conflict between components when connected to a new one. In this case, all participants must update to the latest version of TeamViewer.

The lack of connection may be due to the incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi router. Even if the monitor shows active Internet access, the router may not work correctly. Fix the problem by turning off the power of the router and waiting 30 seconds, after which restart it.

Most of the time TeamViewer works almost flawlessly, but in some cases it may be difficult to connect to other computers. The above solutions will help you identify and fix the problem.

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