How to use TeamViewer VPN

TeamViewer is a popular program that is increasingly used by both IT professionals and ordinary users, which allows you to remotely access another device, regardless of your location. To realize its capabilities, it is enough to connect to the Internet or use a local network. In addition to the main functions, such a convenient program is endowed with a number of other additional features, including the ability to use a VPN. What benefits will we get by installing TeamViewer VPN and how to use it?

How the program works

The main purpose of TeamViewer program is to provide remote access from one device to another. That is, you can sit at your computer and, when connected to the program on both devices, go to another computer or technical device – a smartphone or tablet to fully manage it – transfer files, change settings, control work. This is not only very convenient, but also allows you to solve many issues remotely.

Thanks to such a program, you can even print documents, share videos, photos, or install / remove software remotely.

With the help of the VPN (virtual private network) function, which is available for new versions of TeamViewer, you can create a secure channel for data transfer. Server and host are connected to each other under a separately dedicated Internet channel. This is a special network connection technology that expands access resources around the world.

How to use TeamViewer VPN

Functions and features

Using TeamViewer VPN gives its users additional options. So, what will you get:

  • you will be able to open those files that were previously inaccessible or limited by the system;
  • launch any operational processes;
  • exchange data and send files of any format;
  • configure access for other users;
  • connect multiple devices to a single network;
  • connect to a remote technical device via the worldwide network.

Most often, a VPN is used to hide one’s real location when accessing a device or controlling another. Many people use this function to avoid responsibility, especially if the work involves some kind of prohibited actions.

How to use TeamViewer VPN

Using TeamViewer VPN

Now the most important thing, how to get started with TeamViewer VPN? If you do not have the regular version of TeamViewer installed, then you first need to download and run the installation file in the usual way, and then install the VPN driver. How to do it:

  • launch TeamViewer,
  • open the menu,
  • go to Extras – Options,
  • select Advanced and press Show advanced options,
  • scroll down to Advanced network settings,
  • press the Install button next to VPN driver.

Now return to the home screen, and select “Remote Control” in the left sidebar. Hover the cursor over the “Control Remote Computer” section, and select VPN from the dropdown list.

How to use TeamViewer VPN

Then click enter your partner’s ID and password, and click “Connect.”

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