How to access the address book in AnyDesk

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At work, I need to remotely configure several dozen computers. Does the free version of AnyDesk have an address book? Can I save and sort remote user IDs?
The ID numbers of all users you have connected with are automatically stored in AnyDesk address book. Access to the full list of contacts and their sorting is available only to users of the paid versions of the program, such as AnyDesk Professional and AnyDesk Enterprise.

In the free version of the program, contact management is partially limited: you cannot enter the address book per se, but you can edit the data in the “Recent sessions” block. This block is located on the home page, it displays the IDs of the devices you have connected to in the last week.

Click on the dots next to a recent ID to open a menu, where you can delete, rename, add a contact to your favorites, or send a shortcut to your desktop.

Favorite addresses are marked with a yellow star and are always listed above other contacts.

If the user creates more than 2-3 connections daily, a message will pop up on the screen about the need to purchase a paid version of the program. To purchase a license, go to the AnyDesk official website, select a subscription, and complete the purchase by following the on-screen prompts.

To enter the address book, click on the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Address book” item in the menu.

How to access the address book in AnyDesk

The list of contacts will appear on the next page. User addresses can be sorted alphabetically, divided into groups, displayed as a list or as a tile.

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