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TeamViewer is a modern program that allows you to control devices remotely. Its functionality applies not only to desktop computers and laptops, but also to tablets and smartphones. But if you decide to install it, you’ll probably notice that it is presented in two versions – the regular version for remote access and QuickSupport. What does this mean, what is the difference between those two apps, and what features do you get by installing TeamViewer QuickSupport?

What is QuickSupport

QuickSupport is a special module that runs without installation or administrative rights. QuickSupport is designed for, well, receiving quick technical support. It enables a support technician to remotely access, control, and view your computer or mobile device for fast troubleshooting.

What is it needed for

As we have already said, now we have access to remote control of mobile devices and tablets. With the help of such a program, you can easily fix any problems on the smartphone of your friends, relatives or employees. This application is especially relevant for the technical support service, if the client cannot personally contact a specialist, or for system administrators, when the employee is on a business trip, but for various reasons he needs help, or urgently exchange data. Thanks to the program and its client module, you have access to huge opportunities that can be useful in different situations.

Application features

To understand the feasibility of TeamViewer QuickSupport, you need to familiarize yourself with all the features of the program, and how it can be useful for you. So, with the help of this module, you can implement the following actions in practice:

  • connection remotely to another computer or other technical device;
  • control of various functions in unlimited traffic by another device remotely using a PC;
  • transferring rights to another person to manage and configure your device;
  • sending files of any format – messages, videos, pictures;
  • the ability to restart the system, update, manage all applications and software;
  • record, record user activity;
  • granting access to several users at once;
  • managing multiple monitors at the same time;
  • connection through a built-in VPN.

The main advantage of such a program is its unique ability to access any device, regardless of your location.

You can easily transfer files between a remote and local device, configure the system, install or remove programs. It can be either yours or someone else’s device, for example, you need to help figure out a certain function on your friend’s phone. Such a program allows you to implement a variety of tasks and so far has no equal.

How to use the program

To start using the program, you must first install it. To do this, follow the tips below:

  • You need to install TeamViewer on two devices. QS client module is installed on the mobile phone.
  • In the usual manner, download and run the installation file. The program can be downloaded to a computer from our website, and to a mobile device through the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Launch the TeamViewer QuickSupport application, in the window that opens, in the “Remote Access” tab, you need to generate an ID and come up with a password to connect.
  • On the second device, open TeamViewer. In the window that opens, enter the data of the first device, and click “Connect to partner”.
  • If you entered the ID correctly, then all that remains is to confirm the entry with a password.

Today, this module is used by a large number of people, both IT-specialists and ordinary users. TeamViewer has a simple and intuitive interface. After installation and configuration, you will see the menu of your mobile device or other computer on your screen.

If, after entering the data, you chose not the “Remote connection” mode, but “File transfer”, then a window for exchanging files will open in front of you. And in the usual way, you can perform any actions affecting the operation of a remote device, or transfer data to a local PC.

Setting up QuickSupport

The program does not require any special settings. Earlier, we gave a complete algorithm of actions on how to connect and how to start working with TeamViewer. It is easy to download and can be run on any operating system, both a computer and a mobile device. At the same time, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes absolutely free of charge.

The main thing is to have access to the Internet, and to start working, the program must be running on both devices. To do this, you need to generate an ID with a password and transfer it to the second party.

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