Error code: WaitForConnectFailed in TeamViewer

TeamViewer is optimized for almost any operating system, but in some cases, users may experience problems connecting to a remote computer. There can be many reasons for this, but all of them are easily corrected.

Error when logging into Teamviewer

Teamviewer works with a secure code, so when connecting to another computer, you need to enter a unique ID. In some cases, if you enter the same password and identification code, the message “Wait for connect failed” may appear. This means that the connection has timed out and the partner is not connected.

What causes the issue

Consider the most common causes of the error:

  • when working with several remote computers, each of them must have a stable Internet connection, otherwise TeamViewer will not work;
  • connection problems may be due to incorrect operation of the program itself;
  • access to the computer may be blocked by the operating system; for instance, problems may occur due to the latest software update;
  • the “WaitForConnectFailed” error may appear due to the incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi router. Problems occur even though a normal connection is shown.

Error code: WaitForConnectFailed in TeamViewer

How to fix the error

Immediately try to reset the authorization data using the “Mark as new” function. If it is impossible to connect to a partner, then restart TeamViewer. This is recommended for all remote partners. If the operation fails, then all participants need to restart their computers. When the operating system is running for a long time, error handling services are launched that prevent the connection.

The next option to fix the error is to update TeamViewer.

All participants need to make sure that they are using the same version of the program. When using different versions, software conflicts arise.

There is a “Check for new versions” section in the TeamViewer menu. Each of the partners must use it for synchronization.

An Internet connection error may occur for owners of Wi-Fi routers. Even if the system shows that it is connected to a router, the router may not work properly. To fix the problem, turn off the power of the router for at least 30 seconds, and then turn it on again.

If nothing has changed after the manipulations, then turn off the router and connect the network cable directly to the network card on the PC. The last thing you can do is reset the router in the options window.

There is a more radical method for fixing the error – a complete uninstall and installation of the program. It is recommended to download the current version on our website.

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