What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer

Nowadays, most of the services related to remote access or holding conferences are carried out through TeamViewer, the most popular remote control program. It gained success thanks to the wide array of functions, easy setup and intuitive controls. However, sometimes users still have questions about how to properly configure the program for work.

Is it necessary to set up the program

The beauty of the application is that it is able to perform basic functions immediately after installation. You can connect to a computer located anywhere in the world without any additional adjustments. However, some settings can still make this process easier. To get to the program settings, you need to open the Menu, then go to Extras – Options.


What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer

In this section you can:

  • Choose your display name.
  • Opt for start TeamViewer with the Windows.
  • Configure your network settings, including proxy settings, incoming LAN connection, and the Wake-on-LAN function.


What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer

All things related to your account:

  • Various notifications.
  • Name, email, password.
  • Two factor authentication.


What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer

In this tab you can:

  • Grant easy access to your computer.
  • Set password for spontaneous access.
  • Configure your block and allowlists.

Remote control

What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer

This section contains the main settings responsible for, well, remote control. Let’s go through some of them:

  • If you are confident in the stability and good speed of your Internet connection, then you can safely choose the maximum value. Otherwise, it is worth making a choice in favor of the smoothness of the picture than in favor of its quality. The default value is “Auto”.
  • Remove remote wallpaper. Helps to increase connection speed.
  • Show your partner’s cursor. Let’s your partner to show you something by pointing at it.


What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer

Here you can:

  • Optimize display quality.
  • Set up meeting details: full interaction, presentation mode, allow chat, allow pointing etc.
  • Record participant’s voice and VoIP.
  • Set password for instant meetings.

Audio conferencing & Video

Your audio and video settings:

  • Turn on/off microphone or camera.
  • Configure voice input and playback.
  • Choose video source and quality.

Custom invitation

Contains remote control and meeting invitation templates.

What are the basic settings to use in TeamViewer


Additional settings:

  • Access control (full, view and show, deny incoming control sessions).
  • Personal password.
  • Enable/disable logging for incoming/outgoing connections.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • Clipboard synchronization.
  • Hide online status, disable chat and so on.
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