How to use TeamViewer on Android

TeamViewer is a special program that allows you to remotely connect to various devices. Every year the program is constantly being improved, and today such a function as connecting to a smartphone is available. At the same time, now you can manage data both on the computer and on your phone. This is especially convenient due to the constant workload and the fact that your smartphone is always at hand.

TeamViewer app for Android

TeamViewer now works on mobile devices too. With this application, you can transfer data, download media files, delete or run programs on a remote device, chat and so on. You can even boot/reboot or shut down your computer remotely via TeamViewer. And provided that most Android operating systems are on touchscreen smartphones, managing a computer is especially simple and convenient.

Application features

TeamViewer allows you to control devices remotely – this is the main function of the program. In more detail, it gives the following options:

  • full control of a laptop or desktop from your phone;
  • instant connection to PC;
  • transfer files, including documents, video and audio;
  • you can display all actions on the screen for greater understanding and clarity, thanks to the “Screen Sharing” function;
  • if you install the program on several devices, then you can manage and transfer files to all users;
  • adjustable settings;
  • the ability to turn off or restart the computer remotely;
  • for greater convenience, create lists with verified users and also connect them to data exchange;
  • you can bypass blocked ports.

However, you can use all of the above features only if your Android operating system is at least 5.1

Everyone will be able to find even more benefits for themselves, depending on the required tasks. At the same time, you do not need to pay for using TeamViewer or subscribe to paid mailing lists. You absolutely free install the program on your computer and on your smartphone and can use it without restrictions.

How to download and install the program

How to connect and get started? To use the capabilities of TeamViewer and remotely control another device, you must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store from your phone or tablet.
  • Find the app dubbed “TeamViewer Remote Control” there and install it.
  • Also, you need to install TeamViewer on your PC. This is a program for devices that you are going to control remotely.

When the program opens, some users may be confused by its interface and the range of available features. In order to start exchanging data and managing another device, you must complete the preparatory stage before full-fledged work. More on this later.

How to use the program

To set up work between two devices – a smartphone with the Android operating system and a PC, you need to take a few more simple steps:

  • launch the TeamViewer application both on a smartphone and on a computer;
  • on the home screen of the PC app you’ll see a password and ID – these will be your “partner” data;
  • on the home screen of the mobile app fill out the “Partner ID” field – type in the PC ID there;
  • next enter the password and click Connect.

Thanks to the ID and password, the system will be able to transfer the necessary data via encrypted channels.

After you complete all the items, the menu will take you to the control tips. All of them are quite simple and understandable even to an inexperienced user. Click Continue. The “Mouse Interaction” window appears in front of you. If you do not need this, then you can turn it off by checking the box “Do not show again” and “Cancel”. The result is a display of the computer screen on your smartphone, and then you work in the usual mode, only by operating on the touch screen.

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