How to mute and unmute sound in TeamViewer

TeamViewer has a huge number of settings, ranging from adjusting remote control to changing sound settings. In this article, we are going to learn about how sound is transmitted to a remote device, describe the process of connecting and setting up the audio data transmission function.

Is it possible to stream audio using TeamViewer

Along with the transfer of video data via a webcam connected to a computer, TeamViewer has an audio transfer function.

Experts advise using a headset during a conversation, which, fortunately, is sold in every electronics store.

How to mute and unmute sound in TeamViewer

How it works

In fact, everything is very simple. Having opened the program and connected to a remote PC, the user must click on the “Audio / Video” button, and select the “Voice over IP” item in the menu that appears. In a new small window, you can adjust the sound volume in the speakers or microphone, as well as open additional settings.

How to start transferring audio data

After the microphone is properly configured, the “Start audio transmission” button will appear in the aforementioned “Audio / Video” menu, which is responsible for audio transmission. It is on it that you need to click so that your partner can hear you.

Audio transmission setting

After connecting the headset to the computer, you can start setting up the audio transfer.

  • Open TeamViewer, connect to the partner.
  • Go to “Options” – “Audio conferencing”, click on “Configure”.
  • In the communication mode settings, select “Voice over IP”.
  • Return to the audio conference settings, adjust the voice playback volume as you wish.
  • To turn off the sound check the “Mute” box.

How to mute and unmute sound in TeamViewer


In TeamViewer, the user can customize any program options for themselves, change the settings depending on the purpose of use and the direction of the activity.

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