How to connect to another computer through TeamViewer

Thanks to remote access software, many problems can be solved remotely. To connect to a computer, it is enough to know its ID and password, which is generated by TeamViewer. By default, they generate anew at every launch. But one-time access is not always convenient, especially if you urgently need to set up a connection to a PC whose owner is offline. What to do in such a situation?

Remote control on TeamViewer

Getting access to a computer through TeamViewer normally is carried out through a pair of ID-password. As an alternative connection method, you can set a permanent password to not ask for confirmation every time.

Full access to a remote computer is provided using an unattended connection. This connection method allows not only to control the device without the need to enter any data, but also to monitor its status on the network. Connecting to another PC on your own is especially convenient in situations where the owner of the device cannot be at the computer at the right time. Sometimes setting up unattended access once is much more convenient than entering an ID and password several times (for example, if you often have to help people who are not computer savvy).

How to connect to another computer through TeamViewer

How to connect to another computer

You can connect to a partner and set up unattended access if you have a TeamViewer account. Registration of new accounts takes place on a special page on the official website of the developer in a few seconds. To create an account, you will need to provide your email address, name, and create a password.

After confirmation of registration from an email sent to your inbox, registration is considered completed.

The next step is to provide unattended access to the device. The easiest way for these purposes is to use not the classic TeamViewer, but the Host version designed for server systems. You need to install the program on both computers, and then proceed to establish a connection.

Establishing a connection

Immediately after installing and launching the program, a window will appear in which the user will be prompted to configure unattended access. At the first step, you will need to come up with a computer name. You should skip the password lines to make it easier to access another computer. At the second step, the program will prompt you to log in to the account that was registered earlier.

After logging in to your account on both devices, you need to set up the dependent machine. To do this:

  • Open TeamViewer’s menu,
  • Go to Extras – Options,
  • Select the Security section,
  • The password fields must be filled out in accordance with the data of the linked account,
  • To provide simplified access to the dependent device’s desktop, check the “Grant easy access” checkbox.

The final stage of configuration is connecting to a remote computer. On the home screen of the application in the tab with Computers & Contacts, the list of “My computers” will appear. To connect to a dependent device, you just need to double-click on its name from the list.

How to connect to another computer through TeamViewer

Remote control mode

Unattended access allows you to independently connect to another without first asking for a password. To start remote management, it is enough that the dependent device is turned on and has Internet access.

The functionality of TeamViewer Host is limited compared to the classic version of the program for more economical resource consumption. However, the developer retains the basic ability to manage other computers. The user of the main device can install any programs, make system settings, shut down and restart the dependent computer.

Connection via TeamViewer Host is available immediately after system startup: the program is automatically configured to run in the background and run at Windows startup. The ability to establish a connection will appear immediately after the dependent PC is connected to the network.

If there is no Internet on the managed PC, TeamViewer will tell you about the appearance of the network using a system tray notification.

Connecting to someone else’s PC on your own using TeamViewer is quite simple. To do this, you must use the TeamViewer Host version, which provides uncontrolled access to other devices connected to the same account. You can connect to a dependent device immediately after logging in: with the right settings, this does not even require a password.

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