Common reasons why TeamViewer won’t connect

TeamViewer is the most popular and reliable remote access program. That is clear as day. However, like any other application that works over the Internet, it may have some connection issues. Moreover, they can occur both on the user side and on the server side of the program.

Why TeamViewer won’t connect to another computer

There can be quite a few reasons why TeamViewer does not connect to another computer. The most frequent ones are listed below.

Bad internet connection

The first thing to check when you can’t connect to a partner is the Internet connection. If the computer is directly connected to the Internet by wire, then check if there is a yellow exclamation mark and a red cross on the corresponding icon in the Windows notification area. In this case, pull the wire out of the PC, wait for a little while and insert it back. If the indication has not changed, you should contact your ISP.

If you connect to the Internet through a router, then you need to restart it. To do this, press the button on the router, or unplug the power cord. It is also worth checking if the LAN cable has come loose from the connector.

If there are no problems with the indication, then you need to check the connection speed. This is done on third-party resources such as Speedtest. If they show data that is very different for the worse from those declared by the provider, then you should contact the specialists of the company providing Internet access.

Common reasons why TeamViewer won't connect


Usually, the firewall does not prevent you from connecting to other computers, however, sometimes it can still block access. It’s not that hard to check.

  • Go to Start – Settings,
  • Updates & Security – Windows security – Open Windows security,
  • Firewall & network protection – Allow an app through firewall.

Common reasons why TeamViewer won't connect

Or you can simply type in the word Firewall in the Windows search bar to get to the same destination.

Common reasons why TeamViewer won't connect

Technical error

This problem is quite rare, but it is still worth considering. In this case, nothing depends on the user, so you have to wait until all the necessary work is done on the server.

Program crash

Sometimes the reason that TeamViewer does not connect to the computer is a breakdown of the program itself. It can occur due to computer infection with viruses, incorrect updates, and other reasons that may not be the result of user actions at all.

To restore the application’s functionality, you need to reinstall it. First, uninstall the existing copy of TeamViewer:

  • Go to Start – Settings,
  • Apps – Apps & features,
  • Select TeamViewer from the list, and click the Uninstall button.

Then download the installation file from our site, and install the program anew.

Outdated version of the program

Another reason why the program does not connect to a remote computer is an outdated version of the application. Updating the program is very simple.

Common reasons why TeamViewer won't connect

  • Depending on your current version, either click on “Help” or the hamburger button,
  • Then either go for “Extras” – “Check for new version” or click on “Check for new version” right away, as shown on the picture.

Also, in the newer builds there is a “New version available” notification in the lower right corner. It’s not clickable, though, but it reminds you to check for updates.

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